The Forex trading system is an automated trading system

It was developed by our CEO who has many years’ experience in trading. He was one of the first day traders in Europe.

Alan Rich in the books

He has always gone the extra mile to help other traders achieve their goals. Many people also listen to his views on the market.

Alan Rich on the BBC

He long ago realised that good traders need the best tools. However they just weren’t available. Most brokerages just give you basic tools that the crowd use. Other ideas of managing trades like trailing stops were so basic they kept knocking traders out of good trades because the market was very good at hitting them all the time and then continuing in the move the trader was initially on.

However smart algorithms had become important to many big players in the markets so he developed the Forex Trade System to help the average trader get an edge in their trading.

The algorithms in the Forex Trade System think about what’s happening with price action and keep the trader in through all the noise. Then when they think the price action has finished they will exit the trade for them at the extremes. No matter how long that takes to happen.

The benefit to the trader is this, they don’t get shaken out of good trades, they get the most from any move, they can stay with any trade for as long as it takes and they can leave their computer and check on progress with an app.


We have to remember that the old ways of doing things in trading have changed. Banks use trading systems to make millions whilst Joe Bloggs is using old fashioned trading ideas that everyone else uses.

Our mission is to help our traders/customers get an edge in their trading by giving them cutting edge tools to trade with so they can really make a mark with their trading, even if they are living busy lives.

The Forex Trade System is the BEST trading system. Contact us today.