Amazing automated trading

Every now and again amazing trades happen, this was one such day.

We are not suggesting this happens all the time. However if you have our automation running your positions and something big does happen, it will keep you in the trades.

In tests Scientists have proved that the way we think hinders the way we trade.

The key thing is the way we think.  As soon as we take a trade certain parts of our brain start operating and we think differently than if we weren’t under any pressure at all.  We see things that aren’t there; we worry about this and that. We get greedy and fearful. It can ruin our trades.

We could be good at spotting opportunities but not very good in handling the situation once we are in a trade.

What automated trading does is take away those worries. It lets you pick the trades.

Then bring your stop to your entry price so you can’t loose and just turn on the automation. Your mind becomes free and not under any stress at all. The computer does all the work for you and because your stop is at your entry price you can’t lose.

How automated trading works

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM allows you to choose from one of three automation styles and enjoy the ride.

What we have noticed is along the way you will make some incredible profits because your mind is not hindering the trade. At any time if you wish you can just over ride the automation and take your profit.

Our automation works in any time frame. Just do your analysis turn on the Forex trade system automation and your computer will get more profit out of the next move than any human could.

Here was one amazing example.

trading positions


This trader spotted early momentum. This got him into 3 early morning FOREX trades. He turned on the automation and let it run the positions. Below is how he was positioned after a few hours with the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM managing the trades.

He then thought there was a lot more in these moves so he changed the automation to manage the trades in a bigger time frame on the charts.

Hours later his account stood like this.

trading positions 2

He then decided to open up the time frame just slightly more and once again turn on the automation process. It had been a long day but after 14 hours with the help of the automation from the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM his account looked like this.

trading positions 3

In all honesty we all know that only automation could have managed these trades for 14 hours non-stop. He could have taken his profits at any time by over ridding the automation and closing out the positions. His profit was $39,559!

The algorithms used in managing this trade for so long, I think you will agree were exceptional in giving these results. They were the algorithms we picked as being the best out of all our tests and are now standard in the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM.

We know this was an exceptional day, but never the less we thought we’d show it. Because one of these days something big could happen whilst the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM is managing your trades and the system will read the momentum and keep you in the moves. So when you check what’s happening you will be extremely surprised but very happy.

Buying the FOREX TRADING SYSTEM is just investing in yourself and the giving you some great tools to manage your trades.