An automated trading system that has the tools to make 100% winning trades!

our automated trading system

Every day thousands of traders get pulled about by the Forex market and loose. Many just trade with no idea and just take a punt. What if you used a system that had a plan and executed that plan for you? Look no further – because we have just developed a revolutionary automated trading system…

That’s right – just put your trade into a no lose position and the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM will automatically run the position for you. You don’t even have to be at your screens, it will get the most of the move for you on its own through automation.

If you’re at work or out on the golf course you can check what’s happening with our smart app that will fit onto your mobile or ipad.

We show you how that’s done and help you set it up.

How Forex traders can use the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM.

Most profits on Forex are made on the main trend or wave every morning which finishes about 12 noon. What we are doing is looking for the major pivot that sets up that move and then let the automated trading system manage the trade.

In many cases the move could last about 4 hours. It’s that length of time that hurts so many traders and emotionally, they just can’t stay and watch one trade for so long, but if you used the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM and automated the move then you wouldn’t have to watch it, safe in the knowledge that it will give you a great exit price whilst you get on with other things.

Imagine the trader who does a day job, he just gets on with his work and can check on how his trade is progressing at any time with our app on his mobile.

If any trader gets their stop to breakeven at the beginning of the trade and then raises it just a fraction at the beginning of the trade then the system 100 % guarantees you can’t loose and will get more than you could with it yourself using it’s automation.

By the way you can also override the automation at any time and manually take control if you wish.


EURJPY pivots about 7am as shown by our blue pivot highlighted by the green ellipse. The trader spots it. He takes the trade at his/her leisure, initial stop under the pivot and then to the entry price. He picks a 15 min time frame for the bigger move and turns on the automation. Then he can forget it and get on with his life.

The trade lasts nearly 5 hours and the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM exits the trade automatically at the top red pivot.

When he checks on the trade he finds his account has made 100 pips profit.

Our system offers 3 different automation options to satisfy every trader’s needs.

Morning trades happen all the time on the Forex market when London opens now there is a way to profit from those moves even when you aren’t at your screens. Here is the 100pip Forex morning trade.


forex trading example