Use the system on its own…

…or use it as an add on to any other indicator or chart set up

It doesn’t matter where or how you get your trading signals, although we believe our Forex training course will give you the very best ones. You can just add the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM to automate your trades.

However the FOREX TADE SYSTEM is a standalone system which means its algorithms not only give you the best exits they can also find you the best entries. In fact THE FOREX TRADE SYSTEM gives you the best of both worlds.

The person that hinders our trades is us. Our emotions get in the way and also the time we have available to sit at our screens and manage our positions. Good trades that make amazing profits take time to evolve; automation from the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM solves both of those problems.

The smart algorithms are programmed with complex lines of coding that analyse what is truly going on and keep you in a move when the human eye can’t see what’s occurring. When our brain gets tired and we lose concentration the automation still keeps working.

Types of automation

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM comes with three different styles of automation so you as a trader can decide how passive or aggressive you wish to be. If you want to be out in the next 10 mins there is an automation programme for you. If you want to get out somewhere in the next few hours then again there is an automation programme for you. If you want to get out in the next 2 days once again there is another automation programme for you.

The biggest surprise to all of us was when we pick set ups at the beginning of the day how much the automation in the system made along the way.

We can come back to our screens to check out what was happening and stare in amazement sometimes at how much the system was making as it successfully managed the noise and kept our position running.

There is no reason why a trader shouldn’t just close out at this time and bank what profits they have. Or indeed take half profits and let the automation run the rest. Remember the system is totally flexible.

Use it as you see fit and enjoy its flexibility.