Free training for our customers

We understand that all traders have different levels of trading so we give each customer a thorough grounding in the style of trading they use, plus a comprehensive run down of how to get the best from all the features from the Pivot Wave Trading System.

Each training session comes with full notes and charts and is run by one of our system traders.


This trader wants to catch the volatility that exists every day between 7am and 8.30am on the Forex market. He wants to make quick early profits and be gone. So we show him how to use the systems scanner to find promising pairs that are setting up in real time. How to take the trade and then how use one of the three different types of automation the system has to offer.

The scanner found this trade setting up; it can sort up to 500 instruments in real time and tell you which one gives the best opportunity.

EURAUD sets its self-up and the trader has time to take his trade.

His stop is just under the last two hard blue pivotal turning points.

eur aud example

As it moves up he brings his stop to his entry point, then he turns on the automation.

He can’t loose on the trade because his stop is at his entry point and the automation will run the trade for him getting him out automatically at the highs when the next red pivot occurs or he decides to use one of the other forms of automation that allow a trade to pullback and continue up again.

eur aud example 2

The trader is up $600 in just over 10 mins and knows the automation on the system will get him out at the most opportune point at the highs. Getting the very most out of the trade.

This is just one of many strategies we teach in our customer FREE training. It can make the average trader $500-$1000 in 30 mins most mornings. Imagine just one of these trades every day and many traders are finished for the morning.