Use the system on its own…

…or use it as an add on to any other indicator or chart set up.

Forex pairs are notorious for low level fluctuations which shake many traders out of trades or keep hitting their hard stops or trailing stops.

It’s a game the Banks love playing to create business by keeping people on edge about what’s truly happening. The end result is the trader over trades and his/ her account goes gently down. However underneath all the noise there is often a good trend going on which often takes hours to complete.

Many people are often busy at work or unable to sit at their screens for hours to capture those moves.

The Forex trade system has smart algorithm’s which can read price action and what is truly happening.  It will manage a trader’s position whilst they get on with their life, either work or pleasure.

It has 3 different styles of automation to suit any trader’s requirements.

It also comes with an app that fits onto a mobile phone or tablet which allows people to view their trade at any time even when they are away from their screens. The app also enables the trader to remotely stop the automation and take profits at any time if they wish to.

By having a stop at their entry point and having the automation switched on the trader can place themselves in a 100% winning position and let the automated smart algo’s run the position getting them out at the extremes and making the most out of any trade no matter how long it takes.

What one chauffeur said about this style of trading

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM is a dream for me as I’m on the road a lot. When I take a break I use the app to view my trading screen and see how the automation is managing my trades.

It’s opened up a completely new way of trading for me that I just couldn’t do before. It has exceeded all my expectations and given me another income stream.

S Lawson.

Example of automated trading

GBPUSD pivots early in the day and starts its new wave or trend.

We took this trade on GBPUSD after doing some analysis for other traders. The trader running it put the automation on the 30 min charts. Where a trailing stop would have nicked him out at the beginning of the trade the automation kept the trade running. He went out for a haircut, had some lunch, checked the trade was still going OK and went out again. When he came back the trade was still intact. So he carried on with other things until he checked again

He’d made 90 pips but it had taken 10 hours.

He couldn’t have managed the trade by looking at the screens for so long but by switching the automation on, the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM managed the trade for him. It gave him much bigger profits than if he’d been at his screens. It could do the same for you, allowing you to go to work and just check the trade with our app on your mobile.

This is what happened.

gbp usd 30 minutes