A new way to trade Forex for busy people.

So you are a busy person and with a full time job, these working hours can cramp your trading schedule.

Busy people don’t have time to stay at their screens for hours on end.

Full automation will take trades at any time, both the good and the bad but the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM lets the trader pick the trade they really like from a set up they have seen and then automates the exit. In all our tests this way of automated trading gave the best results.

How does automated trading work?

Many Forex pairs will make a pivotal turning point and then trend on the next wave or trend. If you were looking at the 15 or 30 minute charts this could last 5 hours or more. It would give the trader some brilliant results but the problem is the time it takes to do it. We all lead busy lives so for many at work watching this type of trade would be a problem. Realistically speaking, how many people have time to sit at their computer for 5 hours or more?

Normal trailing stops will nick the trader out quite quickly but smart algorithms in the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM will read what’s happening and keeps the trader in the trade all the way to its logical end.

With three different types of automation the trader can pick which one suits the trade best.

What if I’m away from my screens?

That’s no problem the system comes with an app that fits onto a mobile phone or ipad so you can view the trade remotely at any time. It also allows you to override the system and take profits any time you wish. Even remotely using the app.

This means that anyone can carry on with their work, play golf or do anything else they wish safe in the knowledge that the automation is managing their trade.

We offer a one day course for £495 to understand how to do this type of Forex trading giving you the very best chart set ups to look out for.

This is what one trader said about this style of trading.

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM is a dream for me as I’m out a lot. When I take a break I use the app to view my trading screen and see how the automation is managing my trades.

Great Forex trades take a while to get going now you’ll have the tools to get into these trades even when you are at work or getting on with life. Just a quick check on your app and you can see what’s going on at any time.

Get in touch and come and see how the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM could help you trade in a different way.

alan rich with a customer