Swing trading using our trading system.

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM works for both day traders and swing traders.

It can be used with many other add ons in this case it’s being used with a coloured wave line.  The wave line behind the trend is coloured blue as it goes up but if it gets ahead of itself it will turn light blue, telling the trader to watch out for a potential topping out pivot.

If the trader is busy it gives him/her a chance to switch on the automation all day in case one occurs.

In the example below on the daily chart of Gold, the buy signal pivot is down at the green ellipse. The trader enters and then brings their stop to their entry level so they can’t loose, but now they need to manage their profits.

The first dotted arrow on the wave line turns light blue telling the trader to watch out for a potential topping out pivot. If they are busy they can switch on the automation in case it happens during the day.

This doesn’t occur and we drift back in again on to take off a few days later. The same thing happens again, a number of days later and once again the trader turns on the automation. The following day the wave extension is still light blue and the trader leaves the automation on all day.

Later on the pivot occurs and the automation gets the trader out at the highs. Gold then sells off and the trader has got the very most out of the move. We have showed this on Gold but equally it could be used on swing trading any Forex pair.

This is a very simple way of trading which fits in with peoples busy lives and suits people of all trading standards right down to beginners.

NYSEL daily chart

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