See what traders are saying and how they use the system


Trading whilst on the road.

The FOREX TRADE SYSTEM is a dream for me as I’m on the road a lot. When I take a break I use the app to view my trading screen and see how the automation is managing my trades.

It’s opened up a completely new way of trading for me that I just couldn’t do before. It has exceeded all my expectations and given me another income stream.

S Lawson.

Trading off 30 min Forex charts.

When I first saw the system in operation I just looked at in amazement because it had everything to suit every style of trader. I like trading Forex in 30 min charts and my trades can take hours but they make bigger profits for me. I use the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM like this.

I use my analysis in the mornings to find trades then set the automation on to manage the trades. Before, I would get bored and exit early only to leave so much more profit behind. Now I get every last pip out of my trade and I don’t have to waste hours looking at my screens. I’m a fund manager and now I have tested the system myself we shall be looking at this system to help our traders.

Alan Usher.

Day trading using the FOREX TRADE SYSTEM.

The Forex trade system can be used on stocks, indices and futures not just Forex. I trade fast moving momentum stocks on the US market where the trades can make 200 points in 20 mins. I don’t want to keep looking at one trade during that time I want to pick up on anything else that’s moving. So I turn on one of the automation styles and let it run the position for me. Instead of worrying about what’s happening and getting out early, I can sit back completely relaxed and let the system do all the work. I mainly use 5 min charts

It’s trebled my daily profits.

A Rich